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Introducing the Team at Whimsical Events!

Our fearless leader, Amanda, is our primary coordinator and designer. Her creativity and organization takes the guess work out of putting together your event. 

Katie is our lead coordinator and specializes in taking care of our clients on the day of their event. With her kind heart and quick problem solving, she makes sure any issues that may arise are taken care of right away!

Kelsey is our newest recruit. She has worked in coordination before joining our team and we are so happy to have her helping hands. She sees things others don't and it quick to tackle any situation head on. 

We can't forget Megan. Megan is a previous Whimsical Bride! She came to us after her own wedding and wanted in on the fun! She joined up with us in the Spring and you will occasionally see her out at events. Megan is our details girl, She has the organization and detail mindset to make sure each and every part of the wedding day is set to perfection. 

Eddie is our muscle! He is the guy behind the scenes making sure everything is set up properly and running the last minute errands during an event. 

Gina is our secret weapon. She jumps in when we need an extra hand or two! She is also the owner of Moore Decor, our go to decor rental company providing all the specialty items we could dream of. 

Team Work really is what brings your special day together!

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